The OPT Model

Thinking about a society which is basically lacking any kind of movements during most of the days, we are gaining a lot of imbalances in our bodies, causing chronic diseases and injuries.

When a person enters the gym, a simple squat might not get them anywhere; a shoulder press will not do much for them. Working a single muscle is not always enough, and we are not all striving to look like muscle mountains; we need to exercise to feel good and to be able to have healthy lives.

The OPT model is a training program built on flexibility, cardio, core, balance, speed, resistance and plyometric. It improves your cardio efficiency, increases your metabolism and your tissue tensile strength as well as your bone density. Your body fat will decrease, and your lean muscle tissue will increase. It consists of five different phases, where phase number one would be the foundation, and you climb upwards in the pyramid the better you are getting.

Phase 1: Stabilization & Endurance. This is compound movements which allows the body to gain more stability, for example Push ups for beginners – push ups with a stability ball for more advanced for. The resting periods are short and exercises are performed in a circuit training style, with low loads and high repetitions

Phase 2: Strength Endurance Training. Superset a regular strength exercise with a stability strength exercise, such as a normal chest barbell bench push up, with a push up on a stability ball. For legs, this can be to superset a leg press with a single leg squat; you train the stability while you gain strength. Moderate loads and repetitions (8-12)

Phase 3: Strength Hypertrophy Training (optional phase). For those who want to gain muscle size; moderate to low repetitions (6-12), high volume moderate to high loads

Phase 4: Maximum Strength Training (optional phase). If the client’s goal is to increase strength and lift very heavy. High loads and low repetitions (1-5)  with longer rest periods.

Phase 5: Power training. Only to be done once Stage 1 and Stage 2 are completed successfully. For example, you do a superset where a barbell squat is superset with a jumping squat. These should be performed as fast as possible with minimum rest.
Thinking this program is for you? Get in contact with me, and an individual program can be created just for you.

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    • Thank you for your comment! There are loads of different websites that deal with this – is a great one, would be another huge one … those are the ones I personally go to all the time for training motivation and ideas :)

      More posts to come so keep reading!


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